Tree Removal

Safe Tree Removal Services

Do you need help in removing a fallen tree from your backyard? Caterina Tree Service is the perfect choice for the job. Don't try to do it by yourself; let our professionals do the safe removal of the tree.

Once the tree is removed, it leaves behind a cavity which can be dangerous if it's not covered up properly. You can hire us for tree cavity work as well. Once the tree is removed, we'll clear the limbs, leaves, trunks and mounds left behind.
Tree Removal

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Hire us to give proper shape to the trees in your garden. We can trim the trees to remove the dead limbs and branches as well. You'll be happy to know that we provide pruning services too. 

Pruning is a great way to boost the healthy growth of trees and it allows strong winds to flow through the tree canopy freely. Pruning also allows sunlight that is necessary for the health of the lawn around the trees.
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"Thank you for doing such an excellent job. I will recommend you to my friends and neighbors."
-Lan Coia, Vineland
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