Lot Clearing

Effective Lot Clearing Services

Do you have fast growing and encroaching trees on your property? These trees can become tangled in your home's phone lines or power lines causing a potential electrical fire hazard. Call Caterina Tree Service to get your lot cleared.

Sometimes, overgrown trees crowd in on your windows or other portions of your home resulting in damage to the siding and roofing; lot clearing helps with that as well.
Lot Clearing

Tree Removal Services Available

If overgrown trees get in the way of planned improvements like new sheds, room additions and driveways and they give a generally unkempt appearance to your lawn, our tree removal services are perfect for your property.

Our top-quality lot clearing services ensure that your site is clean and debris-free once the job is done. Our owner is always on-site for every job.
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for lot clearing and tree removal services.
"Thanks for the good work."
-Rusty and Betty

"Thanks for a good job. Excellent clean-up!"
-Bill Everland, Vineland
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